The rise of the Automotive Industry in Indonesia

18 April 2016 | Author : Manufakturindo
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The automotive industry in Indonesia still haven’t had a good situation in recent years. it provedby the decrease of income from the players engaged in the automotive field. However, the players in this industry are doing everything needed to promote and stabilize the economic condition. One method is to introduce the latest automotive products to the public.


Based on data from 'Indonesian International Motor Show 2016 (IIMS)', in the first quarter of this year, the development of the automotive industry back to its stability.. The Automotive exhibition held on 7th to 17th April 2016 in JIExpo, Jakarta. This exhibition will be the benchmark or provedof the rise of the automobile industry of the country. This can be seen from the enthusiastic visitors and also theachieved total sales transactions.



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PT Dyandra Promosindo as the event organizers announced that total sales of automotive through IIMS reached IDR 2.1 trillion. Increasing 31% compared to last year's exhibition, which achieved total sales of only IDR 1.6 trillion. In fact, the initial target sales at IIMS 2016 is only about IDR 2 trillion, whereas in H-1 before the closing,  the total sales have exceeded the target.


Another improvement also can be seen from the enthusiastic of the visitors from the opening until the last days of the exhibition. The total visitors of IIMS 2016 reached 388.334 people, while the  target at the beginning of only380,000 people. This total target does not include additional visitors at the end of the closure.


Moreover, the number of cars and motorcycles sold are about 8,003 units. This amount is accumulated sales of all agent brand holders who participated in the exhibition. There are approximately 50 sold agents have been doing as much as possible, by exhibiting 310 cars and 264 motorcycles.


One of the automotive industry whoachieved the largest sales is PT. Honda Prospect Motor. HPM won a total reservation units of about 2,000 units. HPM also releasedthe latest products such as the All New Honda Civic, the new Honda Accord, and the new Honda Brio.


Then, PT. Toyota Astra Motor was introduced their TOYOTA SIENTA, which is received a positive response, with total sales of around 2,000 units. Most donations come from Toyota Avanza.


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