The Ministry of Industry Efforts to Optimizes the Indonesian Furniture Industry

21 November 2018 | Author : Manufakturindo
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Currently, Ministry of Industry are being focused on optimizing the domestic furniture industry. It’s because the furniture industry is one of the priorities industries that have a high export value. In addition, Indonesia is the place for the biggest availability of raw materials in the form of wood, rattan and other natural ingredients.


"The performance of the furniture industry exports and Indonesia's role in world furniture exports must be increased," said Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto when reviewing the House of Rattan and Yamakawa rattan furniture and craft industries in Cirebon on Saturday (3/11).


Minister of Industry said that, the furniture export in 2015 reached USD1.71 billion, USD1.61 billion in 2016 , and amounted to USD1.63 billion in 2017. Meanwhile, the value of world furniture trade was based on CSIL data: USD130 billion in 2015, USD131 Billion in 2016, and USD138 Billion in 2017.


The performance of furniture exports is still claimed as small if compared to the potential of existing raw materials. As known, Indonesia is a home for 85% of the world's rattan raw materials. Rattan producing areas in Indonesia are mostly located in Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra. Of the 306 types of rattan, currently only 51 species are utilized.


Minister of Industry Policy


At present, the government seeks to optimize the potential of the furniture and craft industry through several policies, including by establishing a Furniture and Wood Processing Industry Polytechnic in Kendal Industrial Park, Central Java. Enhanced skilled human resource capacity is also carried out with the Vocational Education Program that links and matches between vocational high school and industry.


The Minister of Industry conveyed that the potential of rattan raw materials in Palu, Central Sulawesi must be utilized optimally, said him to all rattan furniture entrepreneurs in Cirebon and the Chair and Management of the Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (HIMKI) . Moreover, the Ministry of Industry has built a National Rattan Innovation Center (PIRNas) facility located in the Palu Industrial Area.


The PIRNas, which has been inaugurated and operated since 2014, is intended as the basis for national rattan development, especially for the design and production technology of rattan products. PIRNas is also equipped with machines with new technology and product storage warehouses. With existing facilities, industries from Cirebon can utilize these facilities to produce components in locations close to raw materials.


This strategy, added the Minister of Industry, is expected to strengthen the Palu-Cirebon axis as the center of raw materials and the center of the rattan furniture industry. Thus, the community in Palu which is close to raw materials can also generate benefit of the rattan industry.


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