PT. Mattel Indonesia Launches “Barbie Batik”

03 October 2018 | Author : Manufakturindo
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Along with the National Batik Day celebration on October 2, 2018, PT. Mattel Indonesia launches Barbie Batik toys, in order to inspire and educate consumers to get to know batik as Indonesia's cultural heritage.


On this occasion, the Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto said, his department continues to actively promote batik until it becomes part of the people's needs for various aspects of life. So, Batik will not only used as formal clothing, batik can also be used to support economic activities.


"For example, Barbies wearing batik that are developed by PT. Mattel Indonesia , "he said.


Barbie Batik is the latest collection in collaboration with Iwan Tirta Private Collection which is named the Barbie Batik Kirana collection. This collaboration is the first time for Barbie to collaborate with local designers using national identity fabrics.


Toy Industry Investment Rp.410M


The Ministry of Industry noted the contribution of the toy industry's export in 2017 reached USD302.42 million, increased 11.84 percent compared to the 2016 achievement of USD270.36 million.


In addition, the toy industry production in 2017 reached IDR 10.7 trillion with a capacity of 4,575 tons. Then, last year, the investment value of the toy industry could penetrate up to IDR 410 billion and absorbed is 23,116 workers.


Therefore, the Ministry of Industry gives appreciation to PT Mattel Indonesia in the development of the domestic toy industry which has been operating since 1992. This also shows that Mattel's factory is trusted in Indonesia.


"Through PT Mattel Indonesia, we have toy manufacturers who mastered the global market. For Barbie dolls, six of the 10 circulating in the world were produced by the company. Meanwhile, Hot Wheels toy cars, two of the 10 products in the world are made by our nation, "he explained.


In fact, PT. Mattel Indonesia is involved in a vocational education program that links and matches between vocational schools and industry, initiated by the Ministry of Industry.


As the implementation of 4.0 industry in the country, PT. Mattel Indonesia has implemented full robotic technology in its production process, so the results are more efficient, optimal and quality.


Therefore, the Minister of Industry welcomed the initiative and willingness of PT. Mattel Indonesia to become a lighthouse project for toy manufacturers in the country.


"We are optimistic, with the implementation of Industry 4.0 , PT. Mattel Indonesia, Indonesia can reach the top 10 global economies by 2030 through increasing net exports to 10 percent of GDP and increasing productivity through technology adoption and innovation, "he said.


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