Ministry of Industry Facilitates Establishment of Furniture Industry Polytechnic in Kendal

24 October 2017 | Author : Manufakturindo
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The Establishment of Furniture and Wood Processing Industry Polytechnic in Kendal will start soon. The establishment and learning system will be fully supported and facilitated by Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin). Furniture Industry Polytechnic in Kendal will be built on two hectares of land with 4,800 m2 building area in Kendal Industrial Park.


The purpose of the establishment of the new college is to produce competent and ready-to-work graduates. In addition, the polytechnic designed to become the center of technological innovation and product development of wood and furniture industry.


"Furniture Industry Polytechnic as one of the best practice from the implementation of high vocational education that we initiate through the concept of link and match between academic world and industry," said General Secretary of the Ministry of Industry Haris Munandar at the First Pole Construction of Polytechnic Development of Furniture Industry Polytechnic in Kendal Industrial Park, Central Java, Tuesday (10/10).


According to Haris, since the beginning of the planning, the Ministry of Industry together with industry players and relevant stakeholders have designed various necessary needs such as curriculum development and selection of teaching staff.


Haris added, the learning system applied in this polytechnic will be integrated between the campus education with the work practices in the industry (dual system). The development of vocational industry by dual system-based, Kemenperin cooperates with the Swiss government.


"The agreed synergy include technical assistance in the development of vocational education system, school management, enhancement of human resource management capabilities and educators, and support for strengthening polytechnic cooperation with industry," he explained.


Although currently the programs developed in Furniture Industry Polytechnic still focused on furniture and woodworking industry, later it will be expand to some new study program according to requirement from industrial sector in Kendal Industrial Park and surrounding.


General Secretary of Ministry of Industry targets the construction of Furniture Industry Polytechnic  to be completed in next year so that it can start the first batch of education.


Head of Industrial Education and Training Center Ministry of Industry, Mujiyono said, the study program applied in Polytechnic Furniture Industry includes Furniture Production Engineering, Furniture Design, and Furniture Business Management.


"The lecture will not be charged for five years (FREE), even the students get scholarships and work bonds," he said.


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