Ministry of Industry Builds Petrochemical Industry Polytechnic in Banten to Create Skilled Human Resource

05 April 2019 | Author : Manufakturindo
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The Ministry of Industry with the Association and Petrochemical Industry is ready to build the Petrochemical Industry Polytechnic in Banten. This effort is taken in order to create skilled human resources that are in accordance with industrial needs. In addition, the chemical industry products can competitive in the global. This step is also the implementation of the Industry 4.0. The chemical industry is one of the five pioneer sectors in the application of industry 4.0.


"These strategic are in accordance with the implementation of the Making Indonesia 4.0 road map. Moreover, the chemical industry is one of five sectors that will be the pioneers in the application of industry 4.0 in the country, "said Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry Haris Munandar in Jakarta, Monday (11/3).


Therefore, the Ministry of Industry cooperates with several Petrochemical Industries and Associations regarding the construction of the Petrochemical Industry Polytechnic in Banten. This university development agreement was signed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry with 14 parties representing the association and the petrochemical industry.


The-14 stakeholders included the Indonesian Chemical Industry Federation, INAPLAS, PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical, PT Lotte Chemical Titan Nusantara, PT Nippon Shokubai Indonesia, PT Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia, PT Polytama Propindo, and PT Asahimas Chemical. Furthermore, PT Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indonesia, PT Trinseo Materials Indonesia, PT Petro Oxo Nusantara, PT Petrokimia Butadiene Indonesia, PT Cabot Indonesia, and PT Pupuk Indonesia.


The plan is the construction of the Polytechnic will stand on an area of two hectares. This land is a grant from PT Chandra Asri in Serang, Banten. According to Haris Munandar, this polytechnic is a common property for the advancement of the petrochemical industry in Indonesia.


"The implementation of the polytechnic must be carried out jointly between the Ministry of Industry and industry, starting from the preparation of curriculum, recruitment of prospective students, implementation of education, work practices in the industry, to graduate work placements in industrial companies," said Haris.


The education curriculum of the Petrochemical Industry Polytechnic adopts the concept of dual system education through the Skill For Competitiveness (S4C) program adopted from Switzerland. Then the curriculum will be modified with the 3-2-1 concept of 3 semesters of study on campus, 2 semesters of internship in the industry, and the last semester working on innovation projects related to the petrochemical industry.


The Polytechnic will have Diploma programs, namely petrochemical industry process technology, petrochemical industry machinery technology, and petrochemical industry instrumentation technology. The Polytechnic will also be equipped with workshops and laboratories and teaching factories with machinery and equipment that are in accordance with the conditions in the Industry. That way, during work practice in the Industry, students have enough knowledge and skills and the graduates produced are truly ready for work.


Source: Kemenperin


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