Manufacturing Surabaya 2017 will be Open Soon!

07 July 2017 | Author : Manufakturindo
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Manufacturing Surabaya 2017 is an international manufacturing exhibition and became the largest exhibition in Southeast Asia. This exhibition will be opening soon in Surabaya on 19 – 22 July, 2017. Thousands of businessmen in various fields targeted will enliven the Grand City Convention & Exhibition Center, Surabaya, East Java. Have you registered as a visitor or exhibitor? Please register early at http://manufacturingsurabaya.com/.


The main purpose of this manufacturing exhibition in Surabaya is to provide opportunities for the visitors (industry players) to meet with the appropriate suppliers in their field of business. For exhibitors, they can show/promote their best product, in order to find potential clients in the exhibition.


Manufacturing Surabaya is a suitable location to attend. Why? Because it displays the most complete industrial products such as machinery, industrial equipment, tools and services / services with more than a decade of success.


Why you need to participate in Manufacturing Surabaya 2017?


1. Lead Generation

You can find the largest community engaged in the manufacturing business. Because more than 7,000 professionals industry will be here to provide the best solution for your business.

2. Branding

You can introduce your company's trademark to the visitors. This is the best opportunity to get potential clients.

3. Networking

You can build a new network with visitors and fellow exhibitors, between business leaders, suppliers and buyers. You can directly discuss related ideas, solutions and the best products you have.

4. Customer Connection

You can find new customers and instantly show or introduce your latest products or services.

5. Gauge Market Reaction

Here, you can receive feedback or promotion of the latest products or services.


More information:


Location: Grand City Convention & Exhibition Center Surabaya

Time: July 19 - 22, 2017

Registration: http://manufacturingsurabaya.com/


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