Mackerel Fish Contaminated with Worms, Apiki Urges Government to Act

03 April 2018 | Author : Manufakturindo
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Dead worms founded in mackerel cans packaging that occurred in Jambi is appalling the community. It is worms in our food anyway, and it is the first time in the history of Indonesian canned fish industry that have been running for decades. This case has the potential to undermine public confidence in domestic canned fish.


The Indonesian Fish Canning Association (Apiki) urges the government to take immediate acts, by synergizing cross-institutional policies concerning the worm issue in canned mackerel to prevent the collapse of public confidence in canned fish.


More specifically, Apiki hopes that the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs and the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs to immediately synergize the policies of the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM), the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Trade. Apiki worrying the fish canning industry will be collapsed if the case is not immediately solved.


"If there is no attempt to calm the atmosphere and enlighten the society in the best way, then the fish canning industry will collapse," said Apiki Daily Chief Ady Surya, Monday (2/4/2018).


Since it was first pioneered 48 years ago (1970), Apiki mentions that there has never been a health risk complaint due to consumption of canned fish, let alone causing casualties.


What people need to know in this case is that not all fish mackerel cans are contaminated with worms, only certain brands. Then, canned sardines and canned tuna are still safe in our BPOM records.


Due to the existence of a worm case in this canned mackerel, some retail companies immediately acted by withdrawing all canned fish products from store shelves, not only canned mackerel, sardines and canned tuna were also pulled off the shelves by reason of not taking risks. Some even overreact by terminating business relationships with canned fish distributors.


These conditions are dangerous if not handled immediately since it can lead to the destruction of the fish canning industry of Indonesia. Though the canned fish industry has been instrumental in lifting Indonesia as a world-quality canned fish producer.


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