Indonesian Ministry of Industry Facilitated 8 Local Fashion SMEs to Join Exhibition Japan

19 April 2018 | Author : Manufakturindo
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The Indonesian Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) continues to promote the beauty of Indonesian culture in the international world through small and medium industry products exhibition (SMEs). One of the real contribution from our Ministry of Industry to improve Indonesian Industrial products is by facilitating eight national SMEs to participate in the fashion exhibition entitled Indonesia Kain Party 2018 at Meguro Accessory Museum and Flagship Store Tokyo, Japan from April to July 2018.


"The activity is one of the momentum on the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan, which is held in cooperation between the two governments, designers and SMEs in an effort to display traditional fabric, traditional clothing, to modern fashion products," said General Director of SMEs Kemenperin Gati Wibawaningsih in Jakarta, Sunday (15/4).


Gati said, this year Indonesia Kain Party bring out the theme ‘Indonesian fashion from traditional to modern’. Participation in this exhibition is expected to increase export for Indonesian products in Japan, especially those produced by national SMEs.


"It also aims to better empower the Indonesian women, making Indonesia as an international tourism destination, especially Japan, and developing Indonesian cultural products," she said.


In the Indonesia Kain Party 2018, Kemenperin facilitate eight national SMEs, they are: Wignyo Rahadi who displayed woven fabrics with ATBM craft techniques that produce new innovations such as woven spots, freckles and broken threads. And there is Batik Boroko, who exhibit ethnic batik with natural coloring techniques with their iconic "fish" as a characteristic of Yuku Moko's fabrics.


Other SMEs, Batik Pohon who display batik fabrics using natural staining techniques with ink made by various parts of trees or plants making it environmentally friendly. In addition, by using local content such as alum, limestone to tunjung (rust iron) as a color lock on the fabric. Then, Zie Batik Semarang, owned by Zazilah, produces batik with natural coloring techniques and environmentally friendly. The company established in 2006 is constantly innovating and developing the motif with color extract.


Furthermore, the products on display are from GLAM, which produce bags made of leather and only use batik weaving with writing techniques and stamps as the material of manufacture. Then SMEs Dyah Kuncoro Kumalasari, owner of contemporary batik painting using synthetic staining technique. With innovative designs and motifs make Batik Dyah Kuncoro as the most Batik in demand and was awarded as Innovative Design Award from Yayasan Batik Indonesia in 2015.


Then SMEs from Syaifitri Gallery, a business engaged in fashion with a touch of embroidery from a variety of regional motifs in Indonesia. The products produced from Salmarini's gallery are traditional dresses, such as Kebaya, Baju Kurung, Bodo Clothes, applied to Muslim clothing products such as Abaya, Gamis, Robe, Shawl, and Koko. Finally, the participating SMEs called Sofie Design, a business owned by Ahmad Sofitulloh that has been established since 1998. Some of Sofie's fashion products received numerous awards at various events such as Indonesia Fashion Competition and Bali Fashion Week.


The Ministry of Industry is optimistic that the wastra-based sector will play an important role in the national economy. The industry, which is one of the 16 creative industry groups, is able to contribute to the national GDP of 3.76 percent by 2017.


In the same period, fashion industry exports reached USD13.29 billion, an increase of 8.7 percent from a year earlier. "This is a very excellent achievement and shows that the national fashion industry has a high competitiveness in the international market," said Gati Wibawaningsih.


Source: kemenperin


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