Indonesian Government Will Focus on the Growth Of These Industries At 2017!

19 December 2016 | Author : Manufakturindo
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In 2017, Indonesian government will focus on the growth of three sector manufacturing industries in homeland. The three industries are in charge in processing raw materials in the country in order to suppress the demand of imported goods or raw materials.


“There are three major industries become source of growth” said Coordinating Minister of Economy, Darmin Nasution, in Indonesian Economic Prospect 2017 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Monday (19/12/2016).


The first industry is industrial and petrochemical refineries. Second, raw materials industry for pharmaceutical drugs, because 90% of pharmaceutical raw materials are imported. In fact, the Indonesian government has poured a huge of funds in the health sector such as in BPJS.


“Especially now that we expend massive funding for health insurance called BPJS, it’s strange that we can’t develop this industry. We spend huge funds, but importing raw materials from abroad. It’s a stupidity, this pathway could be developed,” said Nasution.


To encourage inward investment in the raw materials sector, the government has opened 100% of foreign investment. This method will allow investors to participate in developing the downstream industry of generic drug production and the upstream raw materials so that the medicine price getting cheaper.


Then, the third is industry of steel and iron, that currently the country need a lot of steel for the construction of 35.000 MW electricity transmission project.


“So, what we did in two years ago. Perhaps we may say the result are not spectacular but quite passable, we are not dragged into an economic slowdown,” he added.


Meanwhile, Nasution called that the construction of Bonded Logistic Centre (PLB) has grown quite large. With the developing of PLB, the activity of goods to be imported and exported will be easier.


“Until now, realization by PLB until now is the 26 investments that already running and spread throughout Indonesia, not only in Java or Jakarta, but also across Indonesia” said Nasution.

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