Furniture Industry Optimistic Can be Better in 2017

04 January 2017 | Author : Manufakturindo
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Furniture industry had a not good experienced in 2016, but it seems never break the spirit of the furniture industry to improve sales. Precisely, the furniture industry feel more optimistic that they can improve themselves in 2017.


This reaction in line with the statement from the Association of Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industries (HIMKI), stating that they are optimistic can increase the value of sales and export of the furniture product and Indonesian handicraft, both for domestic and international market.


Head of HIMKI, Soenoto, hope that in the next year the economy situation can be better, so that it can encourage the growth of the furniture industry and Indonesian handicraft.


Quoted from Kontan, “Usually, at the end of the year or beginning of the year, many furniture industry offer special discount to the customer. On the other hand, many of consumer are looking for new atmosphere for the office and residence and require new products that match to their mood, "said Soenoto, Thursday (29/12).


End of the year and beginning of the year can be used as a momentum to support the sales value. At this time, sales of furniture and handicraft counter provide discounts to emptied the stock, and at the beginning of the year they begin to hunt for new stock.



Indonesian Government Will Focus on the Growth Of These Industries At 2017!


The furniture industry is expected to always producing innovative and creative product, in addition to products with high sales value. Especially if you see the fact that Indonesia is rich in its culture, it is expected that the furniture industry can create products that demonstrate the cultural richness of Indonesia. A unique product with a specific charasteristics certainly able to attract local and foreign buyers. Besides that, it will be able to distinguish between genuine Indonesian furniture products and refined furniture outside.


"Other than to encourage the local players to continue innovate in producing quality products, we also support them to learn from other countries, especially other Asian countries that have demonstrated remarkable existence in the international market," said Soenoto.


HIMKI realize that Indonesia still slightly left behind from other countries in the region, and even ASEAN, but HIMKI continue to build optimism to always increase the value of exports in furniture industry and Indonesian handicraft every year.


In recent years, the export value of furniture products and Indonesian handicrafts is always in the range of two billion US dollars per year.


"We are optimistic that the export value of furniture and Indonesian handicrafts will increase every year. Our hope is that in the next five years, the value of these exports will increase significantly," said Soenoto.


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