Cosmetics And "Jamu" Industry Absorb 15 Million Workers

14 August 2017 | Author : Manufakturindo
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The cosmetics and "jamu" (herbal medicine) industry re-carve the significant achievement progress. It is proved by the increase in growth from year to year that is capable to contribute positively to the economy in Indonesia. Especially in terms of employment. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry continues to spur the competitiveness of the cosmetics and "jamu" industry in order to compete in the global market.


"The cosmetics and pharmacy industry, including the traditional medicine industry, is one of the leading sectors as the main driver of the economy in the future," said Director of Small and Medium Industry (IKM) Kemenperin, Gati Wibawaningsih representing the Minister of Industry at the Opening of the Cosmetics and Herbal medicine Industry Exhibition in Jakarta, Tuesday (1/8).


The potential of the domestic cosmetics industry is supported by the strength of about 760 companies that spread across Indonesia, absorbing workers as much as 75.000 people and indirect workforce of 600.000 people.


"its means that this sector is quite labor-intensive, and we encourage export-oriented," Gati explained.


Meanwhile, for "jamu" producers, there are currently 986 herbal industries consisting of 102 Traditional Medicines Industry, and the Small Traditional Medicine which spread in Indonesia especially in Java Island.


"Until now, the traditional medicine industry is able to absorb more than 15 million workers, 3 million of them are absorbed in the medicinal herb industry, and another 12 million are absorbed in the herbal medicine industry that has evolved toward food, beverages, cosmetics, spas, And aromatherapy, "said Gati.


Gati said, in fact national herbal industry this year growth of 10 percent compared to the previous year.


"Map of market competition of herbal medicine industry or traditional medicine in Indonesia is still dominated by domestic products," she added.


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