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Product And Services

Manufakturindo is a website providing the most complete information about Manufacture Company in Indonesia. Our purpose is to help visitor finding information about Manufacture Company in Indonesia. There are thousands of manufacture companies spread on any region in Indonesia, so manufakturindo try to provide company information completely in a website.



Update basic information and upload image, introduction and PR by your own.


Able to change 24H/365days from management screen refer to registration and company profile.


Easy search by using searc function. It is categorized as Industry, Province, Industrial Estate.

Product and technical appeal more specificly !

Use Manufakturindo as your website

We have staff support to create and update your company pages (page composition, page layout). We also display your company contact, so that visitors can directly contact your company.

Introduce your company on the Main Page

Only premium membership might be spotlighted on the top page regularly. In this way, visitors can easily find your company.

Banner advertisement

"Easy-to-see-Banner" We have enough space for your company advertising. It helps to increase visitor traffic.

"Manufakturindo can play a part not only for portal site of manufacturing in Indonesia, but also for advertisement tool on internet. Please feel free to contact us, we have Japanese staff to talk with you by contact form or on phone"